That's me


My name is Paras and I'm a British rapper/songwriter/mediocre vocalist/beginner guitar player hailing from my bedroom in London. I starting writing lyrics or 'bars' aged 15 at secondary school, where a friend and I would have a weekly 4 bar freestyle during our Science class. At the time, I was discovering a lot of classic hip hop from The Notorious B.I.G, Redman, Wu Tang Clan and El-P. I was enamoured by their work, I was truly a hip hop head. For a few years I wrote lyrics on my phone, however it wasn't until went to university at age 18 when I began writing to music. I was terrible at the start; my flow was shaky, my voice monotone and lyrics superficial. I enjoyed it so I stuck with it. Five years down the line and I'm still writing songs. On my off days I try to write 2-3 songs. This habit has allowed me to consistently improve over time. It's a bit of a vice, I can't skip a day, I'll feel bad. At the moment I'm currently experimenting a hip pop sound with 80s rock and folk infusions. One friend has compared me as a mix between the melodies of 03 Greedo and the honesty of Mitski. They might be buttering me up as both of those artists are some of my favourites. I'm in the process of recording a few songs with the comedy of a Father John Misty over the surging punches of a 'Whole Lotta Red' sound. It's in the pipeworks, give it a month.



June 2021