First time creating a website: not sure what I'm doing

Hey you crazy people,

Welcome to the first post on my 'what I'm doing' blog. I suspect the first few posts will be a bit meh, just me trying stuff and seeing what sticks. Speaking on things that may stick, I'm creating my first website that doesn't suck. These modern website builders have made it super easy to design a website. With this little work needed to create a website, you'll be seeing people making novelty websites for their pets. You're laughing but these guys will be raking it in through merchandise and patreon requests. It'll turn into a pseudo animal adoption program where people will donate just to see a pet wearing a dress in a little miss beauty pageantesque type of thing. For what takes a few seconds to put a golden retriever in a wedding dress will award the owner an afternoon eating caviar at the Ritz.

Where was I? Oh right, creating my website. Let me get back to it.

See you guys soon.

Kind regards, Paras.

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